Policy & Warnings


Welcome to my sculpting world! My name is Stephanie and I promise you'll be in the best hands with a peaceful and clean environment! 

YOU MUST WEAR A MASK at all times! Please stay home if you have any symptoms of being sick or have been exposed to Covid! Temperature will be taken before entering & hand sanitizer will be provided.

The remainder balance must be brought in cash the day of your appointment or you may pay in full at checkout

If you have any questions regarding my services please feel free to reach out at any time !

If you arrive more than 10 mins late, your appointment will have to be cancelled. Absolutely NO REFUNDS unless canceled by me. No shows will be charged fully ! Please reschedule within 24hrs before your Appointment.

If you don't see a time that fits your schedule please feel free to contact me to see if I can accommodate you. If you need a later or earlier appointment than shown please feel free to contact me !

Remember results may vary. Everyone's body is different and reacts different. To see results client must do their part by drinking water, eat healthy and do exercise. Your body sculptor does 20% and client does 80% to maintain results.



If you have any of the below listed, are under the age of 18 YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR BODY SCULPTING TREATMENTS.

*Refrain from alcohol and caffeine use 3 days before & after treatment

Make sure to drink water 3days before and 3days after treatment. 64oz/2 liters a day

Acute or infectious disease
Acute inflammation
Allergy to sunlight
Blood clotting disorders
Cancer / Chemotherapy Past or present 
Cooper IUD
Deep vein thrombosis
Fatty liver
Heart disease
High Blood pressure
Hirudin treatment within 2 weeks
Immune disorders i.e.
Kidney disease / dialysis
Liver disease
Malignant or pathological treatments in said area
Menstruating (currently)
Open wounds
Pace maker or implanted electronic or metal device
Photosensitive medication
Pregnancy or 3 months postpartum/breastfeeding 
Sunburn/ Sun poisoning
Surgical procedure that hasn't been healed
Thyroid issues
Under 18 years of age